TED Study Group

I can’t seem to shake this TED thing.  Beginning October 11 I’ll be leading Bend’s first-ever TED Study Group. This is a five week course based on the TED book, “Beyond Measure” by Margaret Hefferman, and each week will feature a companion TED talk and discussion. The gist is zeroing in on a few relatively small changes we can make at work that lead to big returns in employee satisfaction, productivity and innovation. I’ll also be teaching my four week public speaking course, “Presenting with a Purpose” beginning Thursday, October 13th. And, in Redmond, I’ll be facilitating a series of provocative TED talk discussion sessions; the topics for this series are: stereotyping, politics and money. and I’m looking forward to some lively discussion! All of these classes are through COCC Community Learning and will soon be open for registration.

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