TED Talks

Whether you want to learn from the best of them or have a dream of giving a TED Talk one day, these are a terrific resource for us as public speakers. TED Talks are considered a unique type of public speaking for a lot of reasons. Speakers have between six and 18 minutes to express their idea worth spreading, and they present back-to-back with up to 15 other presenters and entertainers. Audience members are treated to one compelling and completely unrelated idea after another.  The stakes are high because speakers have the potential for their ideas to go “viral” both within the TED community and in society at large. TED talks are frequently used in all kinds of educational environments because they are often very succinct, fresh and informative.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to coach two 2016 TEDxBend speakers, and have facilitated many TED discussion groups. I enjoy helping prospective TED speakers understand the significance of their words, and the importance of sticking to their one idea worth spreading. To find out more about my TED coaching and upcoming facilitated TED discussions and TED study groups, click on the links below.

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