Considering Giving a TED Talk?

I have the honor of leading the coaching team for TEDxBend and have had the pleasure of working with TED Talkers since 2016. Some aspiring speakers seek a few sessions to further hone their idea and outline. Others want help throughout the entire process.
TEDxBend speakers are assigned a volunteer coach upon accepting our invitation to speak.

Rates for coaching outside of TEDxBend are similar to those for individual coaching:

  • $280 per session
  • $155/hour for draft review and editing
  • $2,500 – 5,000 for full speech support, including idea exploration, collaboration on talk development, delivery technique and rehearsal.

As I prepared my TEDx talk over the course of several months, Joanne was a valuable, direct, thought-provoking, informative, kind and available speaking coach. She is dedicated, flexible and professional. How helpful, I ended up realizing, it can be to have an external person asking you questions and giving you their feedback during the preparation of a talk. Sometimes we can be quite immersed in our own worlds!
How great it is to know such a human being, and to be supported by such a professional.
Luca Badetti,
TEDxBend Speaker

Before TEDxBend I had given presentations in front of many different types of crowds and at many different types venues.  I have had coaches for speeches before, but my experience with Joanne far outreached my hopes and expectations.
Joanne is an amazing teacher because she first got to know me, asking me questions, spending time just talking about who I am, my dreams and goals, along with what ideas we had for the talk.  She let me work within my comfort zone, keeping me focused on how to best communicate so that my idea worth sharing would be heard.  She knows how to keep the purpose of the speech from being lost while building the details.
Joanne helped me become a much better speaker than I was before and I am grateful. Through her coaching, not only did I receive a standing ovation, but I was also able to connect with an audience far outreaching my network.>
Frank Patka IV, TEDxBend speaker