Considering Giving a TED Talk?

I have the honor of leading the coaching team for TEDxBend and have had the pleasure of working with TED Talkers since 2016. Some aspiring speakers seek a few sessions to further hone their idea and outline. Others want help throughout the entire process.
TEDxBend speakers are assigned a volunteer coach upon accepting our invitation to speak.

Rates for coaching outside of TEDxBend are similar to those for individual coaching:

  • $280 per session
  • $155/hour for draft review and editing
  • $2,500 – $8,000 for full speech support, including idea exploration, collaboration on talk development, delivery technique and rehearsal.

Amazing TED Talkers that I’ve had the opportunity to coach

Luca Badetti,
TEDxBend Speaker
Luca’s vision is a world in which those with disabilities are fully integrated with the mass able-bodied population. He sees great potential for connection and growth on both sides. He begins to realize his vision with vivid and touching descriptions of a few of his friends and how their inabilities beautifully correspond with surprising abilities.

Frank Patka IV,
TEDxBend speaker
I love Frank’s fresh perspective on how to help those who are at a low point in their lives. As a former inmate at Deer Valley Correctional institute in Oregon, he comes by his idea and convictions honestly, having so often been the very person he’s urging us to help. He generously weaves his own story and his love of investing into a compelling message about the power that each of us has to change a person’s life.

Amy Watson,
TEDxBend Speaker
Tired of our polarized society? Troubled by the complete lack of connection and appreciation for those who think differently? Craving civility? Amy has a brilliant idea for a first giant step in bridging the gap. It’s called symbiotic consumption, and it may cause you to think twice about how you show up in the world.

Dean Newlund,
TEDxBend Speaker
The culture of business today largely favors data and proof over gut feel. But where does that gut feel come from? What are the implications of opting for scientific proof over human intuition? Dean brilliantly lays out the business case for intuition through his personal experiences and cautionary tales, proving that the best decisions involve both data and intuition.