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By now most of us have heard Jerry Seinfeld’s joke about how studies show that people often cite public speaking as their worst fear, even over death. Jerry observes, “that means they would rather be in the coffin than delivering the eulogy.” As crazy as it sounds, this resonates for many of us. There’s something about giving presentations that brings out our most insecure and vulnerable side. Studies show this is usually rooted in a fear of rejection. So, think about it… when was the last time you rejected a public speaker? Have you ever? In fact, as an audience member, it’s most likely that you are actually rooting for the speaker and hoping to learn something of value from them.

The best way to get through the anxiety that confronts every public speaker is to understand the opportunity before you. Public speaking coaching will help. It’s not just about getting through it, it’s about having the gift of an audience’s time and attention and using that further your personal and professional goals. It’s also about giving a gift back to your audience. Imagine leaving everyone with something of real value, perhaps information, a unique perspective or specific guidance, that is truly helpful. Don’t take it lightly, our public speaking opportunities are a direct route to bringing about change in the world. Once we step outside ourselves and think about bringing value to our audience the path forward is more interesting and less scary, and an opportunity to let your creativity flourish.

I offer public speaking classes and public speaking coaching to individuals and groups locally in Bend, Oregon. I am available for travel and I offer on-line classes and one-on-one coaching. Let’s get past your public speaking anxiety and unleash your ability to have a lasting impact on your audience!


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