You will never look at public speaking the same way.

What should you be thinking about when you have an opportunity to present to a captive audience? What’s your message? Who are you presenting to and what matters to them? How will you know you were successful? The goal of our public speaking courses is to help you approach your presentation opportunities fully prepared to feel confident and engage your audience.

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Course sessions are dynamic enabling students to learn through group discussion, observation and practice. Smaller class size is designed to get you beyond nervousness and self talk and focused on the incredible opportunity before you.

Course offerings

Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking

“Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking” is offered to organizations and individuals wishing to improve their public speaking. This course covers the most important aspects of presentation development and delivery through a very interactive and fun process. Speakers typically develop a presentation throughout the course and have the opportunity to deliver it at the end. This course is customized to meet your team’s needs and can last from two hours to two days.

“Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking for Individuals” is an eight hour course offered to individuals seeking to build their public speaking skills. Class sizes are small, typically no more than eight people, and designed to be interactive and fun, while driving home key foundational aspects of great presentations: focus, knowing your audience, defining a goal, and delivery preparation. Speakers learn by doing through developing a brief presentation over the course of the class and delivering it to their fellow speakers.

“Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking for Individuals” is offered privately and through COCC Community Learning. Course cost ranges from $350 – $400.

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Next Level Public Speaking: Building and Delivering Your Powerful Presentation

Do you have an opportunity to deliver an important presentation in the future? This course is designed for speakers who are familiar with the “Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking” concepts and are ready to put them to work in an actual presentation. Class size is very small, no more than five speakers, so that you can hone your message, develop your outline and script and gain confidence in all aspects of powerful and compelling delivery. This is an eight hour course with multiple speaking opportunities, all with the goal of creating an actual speech or presentation.

“Next Level Public Speaking: Building and Delivering your Powerful Presentation” is offered quarterly through this website for $600, which includes one private session with Joanne.
Prerequisite: Foundations of Powerful Public Speaking

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