Public Speaking Classes

Public Speaking Classes

What should you be thinking about when you have an opportunity to present to an audience? What’s your message? Who are you presenting to and what matters to them? How will you know you were successful? “Presentation Skills for Professionals” helps you approach your presentation opportunities fully prepared to feel confident and engage your audience.

You will never look at public speaking the same way.

This public speaking class will help you understand the most important considerations in building a winning presentation: landing on a key message, understanding your audience and establishing a goal. You will find that the more focused you are, the more prepared and excited you’ll be to share your message.

Course sessions are dynamic enabling students to learn through group discussion, observation and practice. Smaller class size is designed to get you beyond nervousness and self talk and focused on the incredible opportunity before you.

“Presentation Skills for Professional” is ideal for businesses interested in improving the calibre of their employees’ public speaking. Classes are also available for individuals through COCC Community Learning and by contacting Joanne directly.

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