TEDxBend – Speaker Coaching

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with two of this year’s TEDxBend speakers, Luca Badetti and Roger Seip. Such a powerful experience! I’ve ranted to some of you about how each opportunity we have in front of an audience is a chance to change the world. The experience I had with Luca and Roger only reinforced this for me. There was something magical about helping these two fantastic people share the ideasthat they care about most in a clear, moving and inspiring way. Wow. They both did and I am honored to have played a part in making it happen.

Here are the links to both talks. Each lasts about 12 minutes and is truly original and important. If we each adopted Luca and Roger’s ideas there’s no question the world would become a better place. Watch them – they are worth it! And please share them!

The first is “Embrace your (in)abilities” by Luca Baddeti. Luca has a Ph.d. in Disability Studies and currently serves as director of L’Arche in Chicago. L’Arche provides group homes for adults with intellectual disabilities. Luca’s talk is thought provoking and full of heart. It’s really good! Check it out – you might start thinking about a few things differently.


The second is “Two questions that light up the world and your life” by Roger Seip. Roger is a professional speaker and travels 100 days a year speaking to corporate and other groups, helping them be more effective and happy. He has also written the best-selling book “Train Your Brain for Success”. Not only does Roger have an important message for us, but he’s hilarious in passing it along. Roger’s talk also lasts about 12 minutes.


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