Public Speaking Coaching

1×1 Public Speaking Coaching

Do you have an important public speaking opportunity on the horizon? Are you a leader who wants to reinforce your organization’s mission and culture in a meaningful way? Do you have a message that the world needs to hear? Would you like to improve your presentation skills and use the opportunities you have in front of others to further your vision? Do you want your business to grow?

These are great reasons for us to work together.

Through a thoughtful and focused approach and by taking the time to really understand your audience you will present in a way that is interesting and can bring about lasting change.

Our work together is customized to your needs. You may be preparing for a specific presentation, or you may be interested In building skills, confidence and presence for your future opportunities. Most important is that your program is tailored to what you need most. Fees charged can be hourly or project-based.

When preparing for a specific presentation we typically meet four to five times. At the beginning we’ll hone in on your message and who you are speaking to, and define the outcomes you want. We then collaborate and once your presentation is close to final we’ll begin rehearsing with the goal of bringing out your authentic self so that you are comfortable and excited to be on stage.

Following your presentation we will have a brief check in to reflect on your success and determine next steps.