Great presentations are what can make ideas reality.

When you have the stage you can bring about real change. You can lead. You can inspire. You can persuade. You can educate. Your public speaking opportunities and presentations should be authentic, productive and fun. I can help.

Working and being an active member of your community inevitably brings public speaking opportunities. At work some of us are leaders and have responsibility for motivating our teams, advocating internally for change and externally to inform or persuade. Sales professionals and others who seek to persuade are continuously in front of audiences of one or 100s, maybe 1000s. Many of us have a unique story or perspective that others can benefit from through a TED Talk or other public forum. Others have a day to day responsibility to communicate their ideas and knowledge to coworkers and peers. Why not take full advantage of these opportunities by having a thoughtful, interesting and compelling message?

Done well, public speaking is a very efficient way to build awareness for what you care about, and a way to inspire others to take action. I will guide you through the process of creating your presentation so that it is captivating for your audience while moving your professional and personal goals forward. We will take a thoughtful and strategic approach to defining your key messages, while also focusing on delivery techniques that will leverage your natural ability while keeping your audience engaged.

Each of us has a naturally appealing speaking style, and we all have the ability to deliver outstanding presentations. We just need to clarify our purpose and goals so that we understand exactly why we are presenting, who our audience is, and what the outcomes need to be for our audience and ourselves.

Let’s get started! I’m located in Bend, Oregon and am available for one on one public speaking coaching and teach a variety of presentation courses and public speaking classes. I’ve worked with business leaders, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, public sector employees and politicians. I’d love to work with you. Click on the “request a meeting” button for a free consultation.

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